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iGrow Network is a Social Media Marketing company that provides the best tools, knowledge, compensation and products to grow any business online!

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The first social network where you can shop, save and earn all while sharing content with your family and friends. Patent Pending

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Our cutting-edge training and education platform will set you up for success. We teach you the secrets to grow ANY business online.


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Facebook Marketing

Facebook is not just for baby pictures any more. It has become a powerful business marketing tool. In this course, iGrow University uncovers not only the social networking opportunities for individuals, but how businesses can take a simple networking application and turn it into a massive lead generation and customer communication platform. From custom landing pages to groups to apps and visitor analysis, you'll learn all the ins and outs of this versatile and far-reaching social networking application.

  • Understanding Facebook
  • Getting Started on Facebook
  • Understanding Facebook's Newsfeed Algorithm
  • Integrating Facebook with Other Efforts
  • Bonus: Facebook Analytics
  • Marketing yourself or your business on Facebook
  • Optimization and guidelines for cover photos and avatars
  • Utilizing Facebook apps
  • Highlighting and pinning content
  • Claiming your vanity URL
  • Using Facebook social plugins
  • Data analysis using Facebook's Insights summary

The Opportunity

A new kind of Social Marketing

We provide the EDUCATION and TOOLS to explode any business, whether online, offline, networking, or traditional – through leveraging and monetizing the power of social networks.

Harness the Power of Learning

iGrow University will help you GROW your social network and business by teaching you how to develop, launch and maintain successful social media campaigns that drive massive traffic to your website!

As an iGrow Associate, you will have the opportunity to market the iGrow University as well as other iGrow Network Products as they launch.


Imagine the Possibilities

With the exclusive rights to market the “it” Social Network, our members have the ability to bring someone to the company as a Free Affiliate and STILL earn commissions.

Anytime a FREE Affiliate or FREE user you referred to "it" shops and buys from their own search, YOU and Associates above you will all make commissions. With the power of SOCIAL, just imagine how fast your network will grow and generate eCommerce commissions for YOU!

Check out the iGrow Compensation Plan and see why so many are claiming it to be "THE" Compensation Plan others should model after!

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Brigham City, UT

The Desktop version of the "it" app that'll launch with Version 2.0....has me sleepless!! Clean split screen feeds with all the bells and whistles that the masses will love to be a part of!! To be able to share from our "it" posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest, oh my crazy viral!! Cash back on purchases from within our newsfeed!! "Make and save $$ in a natural way". :) No ad's and by private invitation only!!


Mel Baxter-Smith

Taunton, Great Britain

I feel honoured to be part of the iGrow Network. iGrow has helped me obtain more confidence and skills in marketing this business. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending iGrow to my Friends, Family and Acquaintances. The Professionalism of this Company is second to none and there is always someone to help.


Martyn R

Perranporth, Cornwall, UK

"The iGrow Network does exactly what it says on the Tin... enabling me to grow my networks on social media, whether its with the exclusive products that come with being a Member or with the charitable organizations, personal or business opportunities I am involved with. Knowledge is king & iGrow lets you build your kingdom"


Greg G

Taos, New Mexico

“Wow!! The perfect way virtually anybody can earn extra money by doing something they do all the time anyway, post photos online. Brilliant concept.”


Nick H

Green Bay, WI

“iGrow is the greatest opportunity I have ever seen or have been part of in my entire 18 year network marketing career.”


Will C


“A brilliant concept & it’s time has come. A social media platform where the revenue is shared with the people who create it. You! iGrow will revolutionize the future of how social media is monetized.”


Justin H


“I love the iGrow idea, and that I can finally earn money off of my own content, and that I can invite my friends on social media to join me!”


Ken M

Sheffield Lake, Ohio

“iGrow Network has dramatically changed my life. I see myself growing as a leader in the industry when I interact with both the cutting-edge products and also fellow members. Each day that I wake up, I get even more excited to meet new people and experience explosive growth in my business. This is where I belong and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity.”



Michael Green

Chief Executive Officer

Michael spent 18 years in the Banking Industry where he held the position of Branch Manager and Regional Vice President, he then ran his own small business for 3 years, and then spent 14 years in the Casino Industry where he held the position of General Manager. Overlaying these careers, Michael fell in love with direct sales over 20 years ago and has been involved with several very successful companies. Personal success is one thing, helping others realize their goals, is far more rewarding.

Vaughn Tarver

Master Associate

Vaughn has had a career in direct sales that has spanned three decades, and has included everything from an ownership position to being a vendor to the industry. He has sat on multiple boards dating back to the 80's. As a distributor, Vaughn has helped build massive organizations that have spanned the globe, as well as served as the "Master Associate" for four different companies. Building empires and seeing people transform their lives through hard work and dedication is truly his inspiration.